Digital Instrument

Digital Instrument Clusters provide critical information for the driver through performance information as well as telltale symbols, chimes and warnings. It helps the driver to operate the vehicle safely. Clusters have evolved from traditional analog meters to "all-digital" that reconfigures its information layout depending on the volume and context of the information. This drastically reduces the possibility of driver being distracted and thereby promote safe driving.

The software for digital instrument cluster are much more sophisticated than that of Analog gauges. It requires a multicore SoCs (System on Chip) that has two processing units – Vehicle CPU (VCPU) for handling low level vehicle interfaces and Graphics CPU for high end 2D and 3D graphics.

Major features in Digital Instrument Clusters

  1. Software Update
  2. Logger
  3. Power Management
  4. Meters/Gauges
  5.  Information On Demand (IOD)
  6.  Telltales/Warnings
  7. Integration with ADAS features
  8. Integration with IVI
  9. Diagnostics
  10. Cyber Security
  11.  Boot Time Optimization

We have been working with OEMs and Tier1s for their  Instrument Cluster production programs. Our Digital Instrument Cluster Technology portfolio covers the entire software stack for Instrument Clusters.

Our Offers

  1.  HMI development
  2. Android Middleware & Platform Customizations
  3. Linux Middleware & Platform Customization
  4. Custom Application Development
  5.  Software Integration
  6.  Verification and Validation
  7. Supports Customers in System Requirements, System Design,  System Integration Testing and System Testing

Case Studies

Technology Portfolio for Instrument Cluster Development